IMG_20170713_135817_328.jpgShruti Bakshi worked as an investment banker and financial consultant for several years across London and Paris, before turning to writing and spirituality and creating the LivingWise Project. Experiencing and witnessing first hand, the stresses and strains of life in top corporations and in fast-paced global cities, she launched LWP as a platform for sharing valuable spiritual knowledge to help people lead more conscious lives.

Shruti writes frequently on yoga and spirituality for the LivingWise Project. Her debut novel, From Dior to Dharma received much acclaim from book clubs and literary circles.


Shruti holds an MBA from INSEAD and an MPhil in Finance from Cambridge University where she was a Shell scholar.

She is also a trained Hatha Yoga instructor who hopes to help people raise their level of well-being and consciousness with the tools of yoga.


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